How to send a campaign wrap up to a brand partner as an influencer

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If you’re reading this post, I’m assuming you take monetization seriously as a creator and are always looking for new ways to increase your revenue.

As someone who used to work on the brand side hiring influencers, and is now a full-time micro-influencer myself, I can tell you the key to long-term consistent income is through developing ongoing relationships with your brand partners. I mean, who wants to spend their time constantly trying to find new brand clients when you could just keep working with brands you already have a relationship with?

In fact, one of the best times to re-book a brand partner is during the campaign wrap up phase. In this post we’ll talk about why that is AND how you can start sending organized and professional campaign wrap ups that are sure to impress your brand partners!

Why Campaign Wrap-ups are so important

Brands are focused on ROI now more than ever. This means that brands need to see their influencer partners as a worthy investment. The best way to prove your value is through data! That means sending streamlined, easy to follow, organized data is key

Providing brands with tons of screenshots isn’t organized and doesn’t allow for real-time updates, and giving brands access to your data via your social media accounts can be a privacy risk.

How to Send Campaign Wrap-up Reports

I was looking for a solution to all the problems mentioned above when I came across InfluenceKit. I’ve been using InfluenceKit for over a year now to send reports to my brand partners. It allows me to give the brand the full-picture when it comes to campaign results and the success of a partnership.

Plus- one of my favorite parts is that the reports update in real time. Meaning, if a piece of content continues to drive additional engagement, the brand is able to see it!

I also use InfluenceKit to create case studies to include in my media kit and brand pitches- as well as leveraging the data to negotiate for higher paying, long term partnerships.

How to Create a Campaign Wrap Up Report

You shouldn’t have to pour tons of your valuable time into creating and managing reports. Let’s go over how quickly and easily you can create your reports with InfluenceKit.

Step 1:

Create a FREE InfluenceKit account with my link and ‘create new report.’ Start by naming the campaign and the brand name.

Step 2:

Include any url links and they’ll automatically be labeled

Step 3:

Click ‘edit’ to add insights and/or any images and notes

Step 4:

After inputting any insights/ data you can now generate your report! You’ll be able to see impressions, views, and engagement for the entire campaign across multiple platforms. You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of each deliverable and its individual insights.

.. And that’s a wrap! It’s that easy.

Want to create your own reports? It’s FREE to get started with InfluenceKit HERE.

Want to see my full InfluenceKit report? It’s linked HERE!



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