Must-Have Products for Chronic Illness & My Chronic Illness Story

In 2018 I FINALLY got the answers I was looking for. I had been chasing a diagnosis for 7+ years, after having full body symptoms so severe that I landed in the ER TWICE. (Speaking of, did you know that on average it takes women 8 years to get a chronic or auto-immune condition diagnosed? Is that simply unacceptable to anyone else?)

My answer? POTS and HEDS. After years of medical gaslighting, having a name for my conditions was both incredibly validating and empowering. The bad news? I learned that both of my conditions have no cure. There was a grief in learning that. I had chased a diagnosis for nearly a decade thinking that if I could just find out what was going on in my body, I could get treated. Learning that I may be sick for the rest of my life, hit me hard.

I learned a lot about symptom management and what I could do to at least make myself as comfortable as possible. Over the past few years I’ve created a pretty helpful chronic illness kit. That’s why I put together a list of my favorite Amazon chronic illness products. I hope that these can also help bring you some comfort. These are great chronic illness tools and travel essentials to have with you both at home & on-the-go.

So without further ado, HERE is the full shoppable guide!

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